This proves it. Twi-hards are officially the craziest of the lot.

Radar is reporting that Robert Pattinson was in New York shooting today. A swarm of Twi-hards tried to attack him as he was leaving the Strand after filming a scene. (Amazing bookstore, but never ever go if you are short on time. You’ll need at least 2 hours. And then you’ll have to go back the next day.

So anyway, Pattinson was exiting the shoppe and they swarmed him, and his security had to fend off the lunatics, and he ran into the street and was nicked by a cab.

They’re trying to kill him.

See? It’s a noose. Twilight is a noose.

Here's what I don't understand. So you're a Twi-hard. You see him. And he flees. He escapes. He wants no part of you.

And you keep chasing?????????

It's as bad as begging to blow a dude even if he keeps pushing your head away.

PS. In fairness to Laura though, at the very least, Laura can restrain herself. Laura can spend 2 hours on a terrace and not make a fool of herself.

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