Another day, another Anna Kendrick pilot. Yesterday I wrote about Dummy, her new show on Quibi. Today it’s Love Life for HBO. It doesn’t look very good. The “young woman in the city balancing career/love while being quote unquote a disaster” is familiar rom-com territory, as are the supportive POC friends (who never seem to get their own storylines). That’s why this doesn’t feel fresh or relevant right now. This looks lame. Dick wagon is not doing it for me. It feels like something Katherine Heigl would have made at the end of her movie run except instead of 90 minutes, it’s an entire series.


Because every day is a “day,” today is #LookAlikeDay. I wouldn’t know if not for Jessica Chastain, who of course gets mixed up with Bryce Dallas Howard and Amy Adams and throw Isla Fisher in there, too. Jurassic Park was on the other day and I was wondering why Jessica Chastain was in it. She isn’t. Who are the two celebrities you can’t tell apart? For me, it’s Sarah Hyland and Lucy Hale. Seventeen has a list of celebrity dopplegangers but sometimes, it’s the hair, like Katy Perry and Zoey Deschanel. You know who never looked alike and I have no idea why it became a thing? Ryan Reynolds and Kate Beckinsale.

 Dina Lohan is launching a podcast. If it’s not called “White Oprah” what is the point? 

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All you need is love ❤️

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Production of TV shows is all out of whack and not just for new content – Empire has ended, but no one is happy with the ending. Also affected are reality shows that have done a season (like Real Housewives of Atlanta and Vanderpump Rules) but now have to film a reunion, which gets the network a lot of traction. The story arcs are set up for a “finale” just like scripted television. Real Housewives of Atlanta will do theirs on Zoom, an idea that Andy first seemed to dismiss, but now is moving forward with because Bravo is a machine. There will be a backup of reunions to film if they don’t keep it moving. But back to Empire: do you think they will get a chance to reconvene for the finale? There’s such a backlog of projects it doesn’t seem likely.


Dishwasher detergent (for those who have a dishwasher) are an unexpected necessity right now. Most people are cooking a lot more, the dishes are endless, whereas laundry has markedly dropped off. Are dishwasher pods the next toilet paper?

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off to buy dishwasher tablets brb

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Another must-have for some is a nail file. Out of necessity, I’ve switched to a crystal nail file (that’s all my local store had) and I love it. It’s gentle, doesn’t bend and, at least for me, has extended my gel polish (which I can’t take off because I don’t have acetone). 

Attached - Anna Kendrick on the set of Love Life in December.