How long has it been? I don’t know anymore. For me, I think I’m heading into my fourth week of isolation. People keep using the expression the “new normal”. I take encouragement from the fact that this does NOT feel normal, even as it’s almost been a month; I don’t want it to feel normal. It shouldn’t feel normal. The more abnormal it feels, the more motivated we should be to do what we need to do to get sh-t back to normal, right? 

What has become routine though are the near daily sightings of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. New week, more Ben-Ana? 

In addition to ordering delivery this weekend with Ana, Ben also hung out with his kids. He was seen stopping by at Jennifer Garner’s and spending a few hours inside. Is she still dating John Miller? How has lockdown affected that relationship? With all the heat on Ben and Ana, there’s been very little attention paid to Jen and her boyfriend and certainly no photos of them the way Ben-Ana has been shot. I wonder if that’s still happening. 

As for Ben-Ana, there was a story about them in Us Weekly the other day, all about how happy they are together and supportive of each other and how… 

Ben “would love to have kids with her” some day. Which fits into much of the speculation that you’ve been having in my inbox and my mentions about whether or not this might be the reason they’re so thirsty: to get the public so used to their relationship because they’re actually about to be more tethered than ever. There was a doctor seen visiting Ben’s place just over a week ago. And they visited a medical clinic right before isolation orders were issued. Pregnancy rumours are always popular. Pregnancy rumours right now are probably irresistible. Ben and Ana have only been public for, like, six weeks and there’s already been one round of pregnancy rumours. At this rate it’s going to be every other week.