Harry Styles went for another solo walk during isolation – it was the same last week. He was, however, seen meeting up for a physically distancing compliant ride with Kendall Jenner the other day. At least we think that’s him under the helmet. He was on a bike and she was in her car. I guess that’s one way to do it. But if that’s how they’re doing it, does it mean that Harry and Kendall are NOT in isolation together? 

Who IS Harry isolating with? Anyone? 

As for the bike and car thing, last week there were some questions about whether or not it was OK to go for a drive during lockdown. Being in a car, on your own, or with the people you’re in isolation with, means you can avoid contact with others, right? According to authorities and health experts here in Canada, lockdown means staying at home as much as possible and also, if you do get in the car, and something happens, like an accident, you’re stressing an already stressed healthcare system. 

Not that I’m here to lecture. Until I read that article, I hadn’t thought of it that way either. Then I read it and I was like, oh, yeah, good point. Not sure if that’s what’s being advised in Los Angeles though. As we’ve seen, different territories have different rules. And it’s not like everyone’s observing the rules anyway.  

As for Harry, there’s some good news in his life. His song “Adore You” is charting well and Taylor Swift even put it on her playlist this weekend. She also put a Justin Bieber song on her playlist. That’s a Scooter Braun artist. Interesting decision, non?