Hey Lainey,

please tell us what's going on with Rob and Kristen. Nothing makes sense for us. We have that theory that they're both moving back to Rob's house because her's on sale since January. And since there was construction work at Rob's house since last summer, which is now finished, we thought that was maybe the reason why they bought Kristen's house in the first place and are now selling it, so they can move back to Rob's house. Does that sound crazy? Maybe you're in contact with some people close to them who talk to you or maybe even their reps but we're miserable because of them. We don't want them to hurt and to go through that media sh-t storm again.
I hope, you can help us and tell us more soon.

Thank you,

“Nothing makes sense for us.” Just an idea of what my inbox has looked like the last few days. So much anxiety. A lot of grief. A lot of grasping. At anything, any explanation, so as to avoid making sense: the simple explanation is that, well, how likely is it that a relationship that starts at 19 will last forever? The chances aren’t great, even for those who aren’t famous. You add fame to that equation and it reduces the odds exponentially.

As for the complicated explanation...

Well, it depends whose side you’re on.

PEOPLE broke the story on Saturday that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had broken up... “for now”, leaving the door open for a reconciliation. US WEEKLY soon followed, also with a report that the two had split, also perhaps just temporarily. Then everyone else jumped on it. Not even Gossip Cop, normally so quick to publish a publicist’s contradiction, could manage a denial.

Pattinson was photographed driving a pick-up full of suitcases and clothes in trash bags away from Stewart’s home on Sunday. Click here to see the photos. He had two dogs with him, leading to further speculation that Robsten did indeed break, and that he ended up with custody of their pets.

PEOPLE seems to have taken a pro-Pattinson position. In a story posted yesterday, sources tell the magazine that he was observed to be “in a really good mood” on Monday, hanging out with friends at Teddy’s (how old school), flirting with a brunette, although they were quick to point out that he never touched her, but subtly suggested that he appeared relieved to be free of Stewart’s “terrible mood”, particularly in the days preceding the split. The Pattinson strategy then is to portray him as a man free now from his dark cloud, appealing to those who’ve always hated the fact that he was with Stewart and stayed with her after her indiscretion. 

US Weekly on the other hand seems to somewhere between neutral and pro-Stewart. They reported yesterday that Stewart spent all of Monday at Taylor Swift’s, a detail that could only have come from her team, as photographers were conveniently around to shoot a smiling Stewart riding around in a friend’s car, with the follow-up confirmation as to where she was heading posted by US on its website the next day, well after PEOPLE had gone to print. Photographers also took pictures of Stewart out for dinner that night, the same night Pattinson was supposedly enjoying himself at Teddy’s, and she too was described to be “in a good mood”. It’s a good strategy for Stewart: she’s fine, she’s not crying herself to sleep, she’s not weak and clingy and begging for him to take her back.

But whereas US Weekly initially concurred with PEOPLE on the possibility of the two getting together, their cover article now portends a more permanent split:

“The tempestuous couple have split before — “they’re like seventh-graders,” says a source — but, this time, the breakup is sticking. Adding to the finality: They have said goodbye to their Edward and Bella roles after four films. “Usually they would have a Twilight film to bring them back together,” says the pal. Outside of the Twilight bubble, it seems they don’t stand a chance. “They both have projects that will take them away from each other for months,” adds the pal. “If he can’t trust her, it’s impossible.”

Here’s where US Weekly has more detail over PEOPLE. According to US Weekly, Pattinson cannot get over what happened last summer. And he’s been punishing Stewart ever since, even though she’s done her best to convince him that it will never happen again. US details Stewart’s behaviour over the last few months -- she would stay close to his friends when he was filming in Australia, making sure he knew that she was with people he trusted, “endlessly auditioning for the role of Good Girlfriend”. Sources tell US Weekly that he, on the other hand, would deliberately not take her calls, make her sweat, play with her mind.

Game on then, right? Game on. And it’s about time. Team Stewart’s handling of the situation immediately after she was caught with Rupert Sanders last year was piss poor. And that whimpering apology only set her up to be weak, at everyone’s mercy. This time she’s taking a stronger approach, not so apologetic, more Jolie than Aniston. Good. Because it’s not like he’s not working it either. His advantage, obviously, is that he’s pretty and he’s managed to keep his own sh-t locked down.

As both are playing the media to their respective advantages, it then becomes what version of the situation they want to share. Each faction has a different perspective.

Those close to Pattinson tell me that there are some sh-tty influences in her life and that she has poor judgment when it comes to her family and friends. She’s had some family pressures. And she was a child star. Though she may not have f-cked up as spectacularly as some of her child star peers, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s been working steadily for years. Some say she’s “exhausted”, “tapped out”, and is just ready to kick it and have some fun for a while. Live the kind “college” life that she missed while she was on set so much. Lindsay Lohan said the same thing. Her college years have eaten up almost an entire decade. Stewart is much less destructive but Team Pattinson claims that he’s been frustrated with her lack of motivation. Her talent is what he has always loved most, what he’s always been attracted to, and he sees her as the best of her generation, and supposedly considers it a turnoff that she doesn’t seem to be using it. That’s his side.

Her side maintains that she always gets the worst of it between them, even though he isn’t the sensitive, gentle boy he’s been sold to be. He too has friends who can’t be trusted, who prefer to spend more time on the old Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton circuit. So they’re saying he parties too much, and his people claim that she parties too much. There’s also the question of commitment. When Pattinson was filming Cosmopolis in Toronto, there were always stories that he was stepping out on Stewart. Not with Caitlin Cronenberg but with local randoms. Since so much noise surrounds Stewart and Pattinson, those who kept hearing this business weren’t entirely convinced. And besides, no one wanted to f-ck around with a Canadian powerhouse’s production. The encounters were always the same though -- he allegedly would insist that he and Stewart had an open relationship, so it was rather rich when he was portrayed as a victim when Stewart was found to be cheating with Rupert Sanders. The things that made Stewart unhappy, that may have led to her infidelity, were never addressed. And now that they've had some distance from the scandal, they've come up again and couldn't be ignored.


As for whether or not this is it, or if it'll be a clean cut, it's more like a long breakup that started a long time ago. Kinda like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. That might be the worst part of it for Twi-Hards now. That Robsten has become Jelena.