You’re not sick of this Brad Pitt/Neri Oxman story are you? Because we are not done today. If you’re joining us late, I posted this morning about Page Six’s exclusive that Brad and Dr Oxman might be dealing with each other. Then I followed up with a post about Brad, Dr Oxman, and billionaire Bill Ackman. Which would mean we have a proper dick-swing happening here. But it all depends on the timeline, right? Good gossip depends on a timeline. Let’s dig into the timeline. And some very interesting connections that may or may not be related to the whole situation. 

In the October issue of InStyle, Dr Oxman was interviewed by… LAURA DERN. (Thanks Brooke!) Click here to read the article. She looks gorgeous in that photo. Also, side note, I haven’t talked to Duana about this yet but I feel like she would love her because she does not seem interested in straightening her hair. Curly hair women – Dr Oxman is your hair crusader. 

I know I don’t have to explain why Laura Dern + Neri Oxman + Brad Pitt is an intriguing combination, so let’s move on. 

In November, Brad Pitt visited MIT where Dr Oxman is based. Evidently he spent some time with her team. He took a photo with them at the lab. In the photo, they’re are standing next to each other. She has great style – and they’re kinda matching scarves! You can see that here but you better hurry before it gets removed now that Dr Oxman is such a heatscore. (Thanks Alex!) 

A couple of weeks after that, in December, is when I started writing about Brad’s slow-roll. It was on his birthday and a story had come out about him “casually dating” and, as I said at the time, it seemed like we were being greased, that it felt like the beginning of a roll-out

A couple of months after that, someone tries to convince us that Angelina Jolie is dating a real estate agent – turned out to be bullsh-t but, remember, we’re tracking a set-up here. At the time of that Angelina Jolie real estate agent report, it was also mentioned that, once again, Brad’s been “casually dating” and … there was this detail that really jumps out now

“The women he sees are not in the public eye.”

Then yesterday, somehow Page Six gets their hands on the fact that Brad and Dr Oxman are spending time together. 

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Slow. Roll.