I mean, it’s a no-brainer. Isn’t it? Tina and Amy have done the impossible – they’ve secured hosting spots for the Golden Globes for the next two years in a row.

They were awesome, everyone agreed. They were awesome because they A) Didn’t pull any punches – they left everything on the floor; and B) Were equal opportunity offenders – Taylor Swift jokes weren’t the only ones that landed (they’re just the ones that everyone remembers some 10 months later); and finally, and most importantly…

C) They didn’t f*cking care if you liked it.

This is, of course, a reference to Amy Poehler talking to Jimmy Fallon as explained in Tina Fey’s Bossypants, which I am fully allowed to reference because I haven’t done so in almost a year. But the point is relevant here.

The reason Tina and Amy are successful is because they’ve learned there’s no point to doing anything if you don’t love it. If you don’t decide to be a badass and say the bad words and do the mean jokes and do the job you planned to do, instead of the job you think someone wants you to do, then what’s the point? The reason they are so successful is because if they’d had a Ricky Gervais situation, where they were effectively yanked ½ of the way through the show, they would have had jokes and sketches in place for that scenario, to keep control of the situation – to always have the last laugh on the way out.

Lest I seem like too much of a fangirl, which I am, I should point out that I think their success actually lies not in their unbridled awesomeness, but much more practically, in their improv skills. I think a live show in front of people you know and need to talk to the next morning is far different than a closed comedy set as per Ricky or Seth McFarlane or even NPH, on a week-to-week basis, and that’s why the two of them do so well, particularly while employing the buddy system. They’re having a blast first and foremost. 

So. Expect this to be like a presidency. They’ve got the job for good, so they can’t lose. They will most certainly go hard this year, pulling no punches. That also means there will be criticism and backlash about how they weren’t as good this year and maybe it was a bad idea to sign them to two years. Count on it.  

But you know what? They’ll have anticipated that. They’ll have comebacks for it.   They’re writing them as we speak. Those are the ones they’ll spend the time on. The Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham jokes? They can polish those off in the limo on the way to the show. Which just became an automatic slam dunk for me, no matter who wins or wears what. 

(I can hear Lainey saying “but keep Tina Fey away from that mumsy blue”. Meh.)