Globally we are nowhere near getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control. Certain countries have flattened the curve but there have already been second wave breakouts in several parts of the world. Meanwhile, in the United States, experts are saying that the spread of coronavirus is becoming harder and harder to control. It’s a complicated combination of so many factors but one of the most obvious is that American leadership has been so irresponsible with messaging, leading to misinformation and confusion, which as we’ve seen has disproportionately affected those in marginalised communities. 


There are a lot of Americans who aren’t taking coronavirus seriously and now even the wearing of masks has been politicised. Every other day it seems there’s a Karen who refuses to wear one at the grocery store. And there are now “real men wear masks” campaigns underway to encourage more men to get over the idea that wearing a mask is emasculating. Seriously. 

Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio can help? Leo has no problem wearing a mask. In fact, I feel like this is how he’s always wanted it to be. Even before COVID-19, Leo was hiding his face, hiding under a hood, not wanting to be seen. Now in COVID times, he’s basically living how he’s always wanted to live. Check him out yesterday after dinner with Camila Morrone. They’re now at the stage in their relationship where they coordinate outfits. 

To go back to the mask though and what men who were previously resistant might take away from Leo’s example – isn’t he perceived to be the ultimate alpha wolf celebrity? The dude who keeps getting older as his romantic partners don’t age? Isn’t that the aspirational ideal for the kinds of men out there who refuse to mask? God, just wear the mask. Nobody is going to think your dick is small because of it. In fact, probably it’s the opposite.