I mean we heard that they were born. And we even heard about their names. But it’s not official until Beyoncé says it’s official, right?

Last night, Beyoncé finally made it official. Because she wanted us to have a good weekend. A #blessed weekend.


Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. 🙏🏽❤️👨🏽👩🏽👧🏽👶🏾👶🏾

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But… wait…

I have so many questions!

This was posted after midnight ET, so July 14th in the eastern time zone. But Beyoncé has supposedly been in LA. SO it would have still been July 13th. I mean, I *think* she intended for most of us to see it today, like July 14th, signifying therefore that the Beybies were born on June 14th but I’m a stickler for dates. And for this date in particular because, as I mentioned a month ago, June 14th is Donald Trump’s birthday.

Rumi and Sir Carter share a birthday with Donald Trump. So it’s either “ugh”…or Beyoncé’s just totally taken that day and claimed it for herself, for her two divinities. June 14 no longer belongs to Trump because it has been seized by the Gemini Carter. (OK, but seriously, she had twins in the twin month, COME ON!)

As for the image itself, clearly themed to go with the pregnancy announcement photo:

You’ll note that it appears she’s wearing the same blue shorts. This time, however, the veil is lifted back. Beyoncé, as we’ve seen, is big on symbolism. Veils are commonly now associated with weddings. But  the veil carries so much more religious symbolism, specifically related to the separation between God and the sinful and then, when Jesus died and the veil came down, so that God’s presence and power could be seen. Beyoncé has basically removed the veil separating us, the unholy, from her children, the holiest.

So you’re either rolling your eyes or you are, if you’re Kathleen (and me too), sobbing on the ground from gratitude.

As for Rumi and Sir? A young black boy will grow up to be a black man who, for his entire life, will be referred to as “Sir”. When for generations, his ancestors had to address by that word, “Sir”, the people who oppressed him.