Celebrities are really coming through for us during lockdown, aren’t they? They’re doing chain-songs and giving us cringe, they’re resuscitating old beefs that no one was asking for, they’re giving us confessionals from their bathtubs, they’re falling in love, they’re reading to us, they’re working out for us, and now, Drake and Rihanna are flirting for us. 

She told him he was thirsty. So then, LOL, he sassed back with this: 

They went back and forth like this several times:

It’s been almost two weeks now and even celebrities, without access to their usual activities, are running out of sh-t to do. When you’re bored, does the dude who used to bore you not seem so boring anymore? I know this from experience but that’s how it was for me at certain points in my life. I broke up with a dude. Then I was bored. And he was there. Shrug, why not? 

Drake, as we know, is self-isolating in Toronto. Rihanna, who just announced a $5 million donation through her foundation to coronavirus relief efforts, is definitely not in Toronto. If I had to put money on it, I’d guess she’s most likely locking down in London. She can’t act on her boredom beyond Instagram at 3 o’clock in the morning. And by the time she wakes up later today, she’ll have shaken it off… I’m sure… ? The Navy would say stop exchanging wordplay with Drake and get on R9, never mind R12!