At post time, the heir to House Sussex has still not been born. Any time now though. And in the meantime, everyone’s trying to get creative with their content so that “Meghan hasn’t given birth yet!” isn’t the only headline. PEOPLE just posted a story about possible baby names and the names that are generating the most bets. 

Apparently “Grace” is now in the lead among bookies (this practice of betting on names is bizarre, non?) but “Allegra” is gaining ground and surging up the charts. Allegra? As in Allegra Versace? I don’t think it’s going to be Allegra. Or Grace. There’s already a royal Grace, Princess Grace, who was American. Don’t you think Harry and Meghan want their child to be the First of Their Name? 

The leading boys’ names right now are Arthur and Albert. I can’t see that either. There are so many Arthurs and Alberts. A child called Arthur or Albert would definitely not be First of His Name. 

Here’s my new theory-more-like-hope: Baby Sussex will be born on Saturday. That’s May 4th. A Star Wars baby. A royal Jedi, LOL. 

The Sussexes apparently don’t want their children to have official royal titles. How about unofficial ones? Come on, it would be amazing if the baby arrives Saturday. 

X of Sussex, First of Their Name, Born on the 4th, Padawan of the United Kingdom Darling of Dumbarton, Born on the 4th, Queen of Instagram and the First Order of the Beyhive. After all, 4 is Beyoncé’s favourite number.