Dear Gossips,

It’s November. Very soon, PEOPLE will announce the new Sexiest Man Alive. Which means that very soon, Adam Levine will have to take his sash off and give it to someone else. GOOD.

In years past, I’ve handicapped the Sexiest Man Alive feature, with a dozen or so possible candidates, ending on a prediction. Last year was totally unpredictable. There is no way I would have gotten that one right – even now, if I could go back, KNOWING it would be him, I still couldn’t do it.

Not sure if we’ll be doing the SMA forecast this time though because, well, in my opinion, I think it might be too obvious. Like the year it was Channing Tatum, you remember? It was 2012. He’d just come off The Vow, Magic Mike, and 21 Jump Street. Had to be him. Impossible for it to have been anyone else.

In 2014…it’s either Chris Pratt or Matthew McConaughey, non? If it’s McConaughey (who was named SMA in 2005), he’ll join a rare club of men who’ve been given the title twice: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Richard Gere. Given the year he’s had, and that Interstellar’s about to come out, he probably belongs there. Chris Pratt’s the only one who even comes close after the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Let me know. If you think we could be in for a surprise, if you think there’s a chance that it’s not either of those two, we’ll do the handicap. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Yours in gossip,