Believe me, you ALL know her. The good news is she"s working. But the poor thing is bitter. Bitter that she was born 10 years too early, unable to capitalise on a Hollywood that is now run by young, wild things. On the set recently, got a call from her agent. Bad news - an opportunity lost, a small role she desperately wanted. She ran back to her the trailer, screaming profanities on her cell phone that even I feel uncomfortable repeating. In between the cussing, there were echoes of Nancy Kerrigan. "Why??? Why??? Why couldn"t this have happened 10 years ago. It"s not fair!!!" And unfortunately her day went from bad to worse. Technical changes pre-empted her scene and she was forced to wait just a wee bit longer before getting to work. But reserve your sympathy for the PA who had to tell her and who got an earful of "How dare you f*cking treat me like this" before having the door slammed in her face. She then proceeded to sulk for the next hour and refused to come back to the set until a producer arrived and ass-kissed for an eternity before cajoling her out of her trailer. And you wonder why she never really made it beyond B???