Dear Gossips,

I had two inches taken off my hair this morning. That’s probably not a big deal for you. But for me, haircuts induce paralysis. Bad luck, however, is worse than a haircut. So, ahead of Chinese New Year, it’s time to get rid of the vestiges of the Goat/Sheep and be fresh for the Year of the Monkey. If you can get an appointment between now and Saturday, head in for a trim, even if it’s just a baby one.

A quick reminder before we get to the Dragon? Yesterday’s Rabbit profile did not include notes for 1987. If your year isn’t mentioned, that just means there’s nothing notable beyond the general advisory.

Dragons and Monkeys are compatible. The Dragon is helped by three lucky stars this year. And they may have already helped you in the past. Vanessa Hudgens is a Dragon. She showed us a lot on Sunday, that she’s more than just what she wears at Coachella. Let’s see how she builds on that momentum through the Year of the Monkey.

But as smooth as things might be, Dragons should not be lulled into complacency. The better you do, the more people will get jealous. There are two arrows that could be aimed at you if you let your guard down.

1952 Dragons could enjoy some gambling or lottery luck.

1964 Dragons will be busy during the Year of the Monkey. But do not demand a return on your work. Don’t put conditions on your work, like, “I’m not doing this unless you give me that”. If you maintain a positive, willing attitude, you’ll see results.

1976 Dragons are advised to celebrate their birthdays in a big way, surrounded by as many family and friends as possible. 

Overall, Dragons may be under some stress this year and emotional health may not be the strongest. Try not to be too hard on yourself.

Dragons born in the fall should be careful around water this year. Stay away from water activities if you can. And if you’re in the water, be very, very aware of what’s happening around you.

Make time to go to the doctor for a checkup with bloodwork to help avoid traffic accidents. And think your big purchases through carefully because you might get ripped off. June and July are good months for these big purchases or big parties. At the end of July through August though, be alert and be cautious.

Yours in gossip,