Dear Gossips,

The Grammy Awards are happening next Monday, February 15th. Ed Sheeran is one of the nominees. He’ll be there. But it doesn’t sound like he wants to be?

“I wasn’t going to attend even after getting nominated, because I’ve been the last three years and always lost. I’ve known I’m not going to win so I get smashed before. But then it’s going to be sod’s law that this would be the year I get it if I didn’t go. So I’m going to go and if I don’t get it, I won’t go again.”

That was a couple of weeks ago. And nobody yelled at him. Well, as I’ve mentioned, several times, when it comes to Ed Sheeran, I’m not a believer. But I feel like I’m in the minority because of all the times in a day I’m forced to listen to that horrible song Thinking Out Loud. If you are an Ed Sheeran believer, can you please explain to me why you’re not yelling at him? This is a serious request.

Ed was born in the Year of the Goat. We’ll get to that tomorrow. Today it’s time for Horses.

During the Year of the Monkey, Horses are advised to watch their mouths. Don’t talk sh-t. Stay away from drama or it could explode in your face. There’s an angry, bad luck star that could get in your way this year. The more active you are, the better off you’ll be. Exercise. Be social. Get out there, travel, experience new things, have fun. Surround yourself with fun and happiness, because that could ward off the dark potential. And please look after your family.

1954 Horses could end up giving more than receiving this year. Don’t fight it and/or complain about it. Accept that this is your fate this year and let it go. If you have a good attitude about it, you could benefit later. Watch your health and rest as much as you can.

1966 Horses might want to pursue something artistic. You are 50 this year and you may encounter a milestone obstacle. To best avoid it, invite people to celebrate your birthday and pay for your guests.

1978 Horses will benefit from the generosity and protection of others but they will only be available to you if you get out there and enjoy their company. Hiding from people will not help you. Katie Holmes was born in 1978. She’s been undercover with Jamie Foxx for a while now.

Horses born in 1930, 1966, and 2002 might experience stress and challenges to mental health. Don’t rush to judgement and be kind to your family elders. They can shield you from that bad star.

All horses are advised to avoid major decisions between early November and early January. If you lose money during this time or you have to spend a lot of money during this time, consider it a save. That money lost might be off-setting something worse.

Overall Horses will benefit from prayer and faith this year, whether or not you’re religious. For Horses, this is a year of community. You have support. It’s waiting for you, but it’s up to you to reach out to it. Don’t hide. Have as much fun as you can surrounded by the people who love you and care about you. Let them shoulder you through your low luck times so that when good luck comes back to you, you might be able to help them when they need it.

Yours in gossip,