Dear Gossips,

Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away. New Year’s Eve is also Super Bowl Sunday. Remember, that’s a cleaning weekend. Get rid of last year’s remains, get everything fresh for the New Year so that good luck will be attracted to your home. Also don’t forget to wash your car. Just wanted to make sure you don’t get caught up in all that football you’re left scrambling to clear out the Goat to make way for the Monkey.

The 12 Days of Chinese New Year continues today with the Pig. The Pig has the protection of 3 stars this year. So work will be good. But the better you do, the more resentment you’ll generate. And there’s a bad star trying to get in your way, trying to bring you down. Since those other 3 stars have your back, you shouldn’t have to worry too much but do not get overconfident and lose focus, let your ego get out of control or show off. Kindness is important.

1935 Pigs should be vigilant about health. Surgery is possible.

1947 Pigs won’t have to worry much about money, but that could be compromised by flirtation and temptation. You will wreck your luck and your life if you go for it.

1959 Pigs need to manage the fun. No, seriously. There’s a lot of it coming your way but you’ll drain yourself with consequences if you have too much of it.

1971 Pigs might see a promotion. But you can’t shortcut your way there. You have to earn it yourself.

1983 Pigs should enjoy good times with friends and a stable love life.

1995 Pigs (this is Gigi Hadid) have to keep their heads when it comes to love and relationships. Don’t lose yourself in romance and let everything else fall away. A love triangle is possible. A big birthday celebration is highly recommended.

Overall for Pigs, it’s a good year for marriage and babies.

If you are religious, say a prayer on February 15th and offer a promise. At the end of the year, make sure you’ve honoured it. If you are not religious, find a quiet place with your thoughts in the daylight that day and pledge a donation to help others.

Pigs born in 1935, 1971, and 1995 are at risk of a deep cut. Please be careful and avoid high risk activities. Also be extra cautious while driving.

In May and September, practise restraint. Do not be impetuous or overreact. Avoid fighting and violence. Above all, avoid love drama and jealousy. These complications will break your luck. Pigs should enjoy a period of good luck right now. But luck is precious and fleeting, a great example of how it’s not always easy even when you’re riding the luck wave and also how it’s important to secure a foundation during low luck years so that good luck will want to stay.

Tomorrow: the Rat.

Yours in gossip,