Dear Gossips,

Well the SAG Awards didn’t help the Oscars feel better about themselves, did they? And, just in case the message wasn’t clear enough, Idris Elba decided to make it super obvious. I was wondering though, since the SAGs aired on a Saturday, if the message wouldn’t land with maximum impact. That, however, is what Twitter is for. #SAGSoBlack was trending worldwide. But will it matter beyond the internet? Change doesn’t happen without pressure. And, so far, the Academy has been under pressure, consistently, since the Oscar nominations were announced two and a half weeks ago. Pressure means that this situation has to continue to be an issue that not only people who live online care about.

Idris, by the way, was born a Rat. As mentioned last week, when the Tiger was profiled for the 12 Days of Chinese New Year, Rats can be assets to Tigers who are not compatible with Monkeys; Tigers may encounter some challenges during the upcoming Year of the Monkey. That’s why my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, who’s a Tiger herself, has prepared 10 exquisite stone Rat charms to give away. If you are a Tiger and would like a Rat, please email [email protected] with the title “Tiger” by end of day tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2, to enter the draw.

Today, we move on to the Rabbit. There are four lucky stars shining on the Rabbit this year. So the Year of the Monkey shouldn’t suck. But money is fluid for you this year and you might not be able to save. Spend your cash in worthwhile areas instead of losing it on nothing. Maybe put more down on your mortgage or make a solid investment. Like if you’re not going to be able to “keep” your money, you could try redirecting it instead on something meaningful. 

1951 Rabbits should be mindful of health risks. Surgery is possible. 

1963 Rabbits could enjoy the generosity of two cash stars. Finances will be good if you make smart decisions. 

1975 Rabbits will be tempted by romance and flirtation. But beware – the hookups that happen this year may not turn into lasting relationships. And if you are already in a relationship, be mindful of the risk of infidelity. Many people will throw themselves at you this year. (Jacek is a Rabbit. You can imagine how awesome this news is for me. Also… David Beckham. Ahem. Watch this space.) Traffic accidents might be a concern this year. So you must celebrate your birthday in a big way to gather luck and protection, particularly if you’re a 1975 Male Rabbit because you will face a major obstacle this year.

All Rabbits must be super, super careful in May. And if you’re a Rabbit who was born in the fall, take care with your legs, arms, lungs, and bladder. Those are your injury areas.

If you’re travelling in February and March, extra precautions please. Don’t make any investments these months. In March and April you may experience a lot of stress. Try not to argue. Arguing will turn luck away. April and May are fun, social months. Don’t waffle in your decisions during this time. No one wants to be around a fence-sitter. Take it easy in May and June because in July and August, there’s a danger risk. You could be hurt. In September and October there’s a potential loss of money. This could be a good time to get ahead of that loss and spend it on something important and of value. Health risks could present themselves in early November and someone might annoy you, take money, be difficult, get in your way. Don’t let it bother you. Don’t be sucked in by their drama. December marks the end of your romantic temptation.

The Rabbit’s forecast this year is a good example of the fragility of good luck. Because it’s a privilege. So when you’re in its presence and you don’t appreciate it, it’ll leave before you can enjoy it.

Yours in gossip,