Dear Gossips,

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We are now 12 days away from Chinese New Year. And we continue the 12 Days of Chinese New Year with the Rat. Rats could enjoy good luck this year but will not be successful alone. Rats will need assistance from the Ox, the Dragon, or the Monkey. So if you’re a Rat, your luck will increase if there are Oxen, Dragons, or Monkeys in your life. You know who’s a Rat? Ben Affleck, Batman. You know who’s an Ox? Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman.

For Rats, this is not the year for big risks. Don’t go rogue. Keep the spontaneity to a minimum. Chill and stay comfortable. Because if you force it, there could be blood consequences and headaches. And also if you screw up, there’s a woman who’s been waiting to f-ck you up if you give her the opportunity.

1936 Rats should aim for stability. Don’t try too many new things or seek change and you’ll enjoy your year.

1948 Rats will be well fed. (Eating luck is highly valued in Chinese culture. Means you won’t have to want for anything.)

1960 Rats might get lucky gambling, or playing the lottery. Small wins.

1972 Rats who work in media or marketing or communications could see professional gains this year but do not show off and do not try to dominate the spotlight. Also you are strongly advised to celebrate your birthday, surround yourself with friends and family, make it an event, especially if you do not have a straight nose. Your luck is running along your nose right now.

1984 Rats should save money. Otherwise you’ll spend more than you make this year.

Overall, the outlook is pretty good for Rats, but it’s also critical for Rats to avoid confrontation or there could be health problems. In November, be extra cautious and protect your body. And female Rats in particular are advised to be very careful during the Year of the Monkey.

Yours in gossip,