Dear Gossips,

The NBA Finals started last night. Also the best reality TV show of the season was on. So… you watched the reality TV show, right? I did. I do every year. The Spelling Bee! Hilariously some of the people who started the night with basketball ended up switching over to the Spelling Bee. Because the Spelling Bee is all the drama.

In fact, there may have been more swagger at the Spelling Bee than there was on the court. What’s harder? Dunking over someone taller than you or spelling “mogollon”? Doesn’t matter. The point is, when you do can do either in front of a live audience you can have all the attitude you want.

Until your ma gives you the gears when you get home. Check out ma’s reaction to that moment of youthful insolence. She is not here for Spelling Bieber:

But, come on, ma, if you can’t strut off stage when you’ve killed a word nobody has ever heard of and nobody will ever use in their life, when can you? When you actually Know It All, can’t you, like, be a know-it-all? I f-cking love the know-it-all moments at the Spelling Bee. Last year it was eventual co-winner Nihar Janga giving us all the know – and the trash-clapping! Remember the trash-clapping?

This year, we got more head-shaking:

Girl Sh-t, Boy Sh-t, Speller Sh-t!

Seriously, the Spelling Bee is the most complete television event of the year. The people who tried to remake Dirty Dancing could have learned from it. Also award shows. And we haven’t even shouted out the Spelling Bee’s recurring character – the spellers may change, but Dr Jacques Bailly never does:

Finally, the tie streak was broken this year. By 12 year old Ananya Vinay who did a better Taylor Swift – OMG, me??? – than Taylor Swift has ever done:

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,