And The Actor goes to...

Well, definitely not Joaquin Phoenix. He did say he didn’t want any awards. And even though he backtracked - just a little - the Screen Actors Guild took him at his word. One of the best performances of the year and still, they were like, fine, you don’t want accolades, we’ll give it to someone who desperately does...

Bradley Cooper.

Holy sh-t. Bradley Cooper might actually get an Oscar nomination.

And it’s looking more and more like Hugh Jackman, my prediction, will too. Bill Murray? Probably not. As for whether or not Daniel Day-Lewis is a lock...

A month ago, yes. Now? Wide open. Will the Academy honour him with a THIRD Best Actor? He has some work to do, he really does. This sh-t is tight. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

But I do feel for Amy Adams. Amy Adams was passed over in favour of Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, giving her two nominations overall as she received one for Hemingway & Gellhorn too. What does it mean? It means that Nicole Kidman is very popular among her peers. It means they looked at the long list, didn’t bother to see the movies, and said, oh yeah, let’s include Nic. Which is how I think Jessica Chastain ended up on there too because according to Sasha Stone at Awards Daily Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty weren’t even screened in time for SAG. This is why ZDT was not included in the Best Ensemble list - the SAG’s version of Best Picture - and yet Chastain still made it into the Best Actress category.

No doubt, Jessica Chastain belongs there, but this is not a conversation about merit. This is, always, a conversation about Hollywood politics. At this point, Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence are the two frontrunners. Marion Cotillard will probably make it too, leaving two spots between Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts, and Emmanuelle Riva. SAG rejected Riva but I’m not sure the Academy will. And I wonder too if a split vote between Chastain and Lawrence will put Riva on top in the end. It happened that way for Rachel Weisz at the New York Film Critics Circle and it could very well happen at the Dolby.

How much do you love that SAG preferred Javier Bardem in Skyfall over Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike? I can imagine Matt Damon looking at his ballot saying, f-ck no, I’m not putting up with this dude taking his shirt off - again - and getting recognised for it.

Also, Dear God, enough with the f-cking Downton Abbey love affair. The show has sucked since Season 1.

Golden Globe nominations come tomorrow. Let’s see what f-ckery the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will deliver this year. There’s always something. Lindsay Lohan for Liz & Dick?

Attached - Hugh Jackman was honoured at the Museum Of Moving Images last night in New York. I really wish Deb had a better shoe stylist.

Click here for the full list of SAG nominations.