Written by Sasha

The fashion extravaganza has begun and it’s time for my weekend fashion round up! Diving straight into it, my vote for most fashionable couple! There were a lot of Hollywood duos out this weekend—Ben and Jen, Jon Hamm and long time lady Jennifer, and Marion and Guillaume. But I’m giving this one to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. (One day we’ll have to revisit why he still wants three names.) But right now they get my vote for ‘Most Improved Player’.

I feel like for the majority of their lives they wear sweat gear. But like, sexy sweat gear. And to prove this point - and I swear I just found this picture now - here’s the couple heading to the Royal Ontario Museum this weekend. Listen, I love me some loungewear but I don’t know how I feel about wearing oversized sweatpants and a beater to a museum. Maybe that’s just me…..

But here they are on Friday night, Megan looking really quite beautiful in this Armani Prive number and Brian in a great fitting suit. The dress looks fantastic on her, her body is a wonderland, but this dress is so very strategic. Megan wants to ditch her image as a useless actress—too bad she didn’t rethink doing that Eminem video—so style is half the battle if you want people to take you seriously. And in this dress, there are no boobs pouring out, no butt cleavage, everything is all tucked in and she’s saying to us that she’s ready to be Angelina Jolie 2.0. Have I been suckered? Because with that dress I might just buy that she has some staying power. Either way, she’s fighting for it and I give her points for that.

Let’s talk Saturday night and Hilary Swank. Hilary only comes out when she knows she’s got something good to promote. And as Lainey pointed out the other day, her role in Conviction is already getting Oscar buzz. And on Saturday she wanted to remind us that she’s worthy of the hype by wearing a more updated version of her 2005 Oscar dress. I love the velvet, I love the length, and her back, holy crap, that sh*t is toned. I think when you’re going to show so much skin, and in this case her entire back, it’s good to keep the rest covered. Had she revealed some boob action, this dress would have taken us to Kardashian status. Now, I just checked to see how old Hilary is, hoping that I would be blown away by her physique much like I am when I hear that Sandra Bullock is 46. So yah, Hilary is 36, she reads a whole lot older than that, no?

Now to my favorite of the weekend, its gotta go to Carey Mulligan. She’s just so damn lovely looking. And I love her Christopher Kane Galaxy dress. To be honest, I’ve never swooned much over Carey’s style, I always think she dresses a bit too dowdy for her age. But, in the last week, I’ve had a slight change of heart. First it was her spread in Vogue, holy good god, she looked freakishly perfect. And then seeing her on the Never Let Me Go carpet just sealed my affection for her. I love how playful this dress is and I looooovvvee her satin Prada heels.

Onto the worst dressed. Typically during TIFF there aren’t too many major misses because stars aka their stylists play it pretty safe. But sifting through the pictures today there was one major blunder. I don’t know much about Rebecca Hall but what I do know is that this outfit is so sh-t ass bad I don’t know what to do with myself. Why?! No but seriously, Why? Please, look closer, because what you’ll find is that she’s wearing a hideous pant suit. Rebecca, you are so very pretty, but who told you that looked good? Because whoever told you to walk out on one of the biggest moments of your career looking like that, is trying to keep you down. Cut them out of your life STAT.

And finally, this next fashion post is just for me. I am super into Josh Hartnett. He’s had my heart since his Virgin Suicide days. Not many people seem to love him as much as I do but to me he is the ultimate guy. Here he is the other night for his movie Bunraku. I have no idea how to pronounce it, what the movie is about or who he even plays and I don’t care. He just looks hawwwwtttt. One day I’ll tell you about when I interviewed him and came out off the junket room with major sweat stains. Well, I guess I actually just told you the story. It was hella embarrassing but being one foot away from him as he blew his cigarette smoke into my face was one of the most perfect days I’ve ever had.

Photos from INF and Jason Merritt/Charley Gallay/Gettyimagesonline.com