Steve McQueen shouted out Brad Pitt at the very end of his speech last night. “Wherever you are”… get your ass in campaign mode. 12 Years A Slave won, yes. But the momentum right now is for American Hustle and Gravity. Oscar nominations are coming down this Thursday. Everybody else is out there hustling. Where’s your game, Brange?

And why was this show so amateur? The prompter was f-cked, the camera angles were terrible, the direction was embarrassing – at one point they cut to a shot from behind the stage so that you could see the “Please Wrap Up” screen…and they’ve only been doing this for 71 years! I wouldn’t mind the Mickey Mouse technical aspects of it so much if, for once, we could have a proper gossip in the control room cutting away to people’s faces at the key moments. Like, when Tina Fey, your HOST, drops the “special place in hell” line to congratulate Amy Poehler, you go to Taylor Swift. That’s the only place you need to go. Because it’s been a year and those two still don’t give a f-ck that Taylor got mad. This means EVERYTHING.

Also can Puff Daddy Diddy please F-CK OFF?

Let it flow, let it flow, let it…NO, says Bono’s Video Assumption.

But, as we do, you’ve come to argue about the fashion. And there was so much bullsh-t on this red carpet, we’ll be arguing a lot. Remember, it’s not what YOU would wear. It’s what they CAN wear…and don’t. For example: Naomi Watts. I’m not even bothering to include her. Because it’s not worth being included. Silver and slinky? For Naomi Watts, this is bullsh-t, even if it is Tom Ford.

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