Dear Gossips,

And it's time!

The Golden Globes. Where they all try not to eat and get drunk instead. Where movie stars sit up front and tv stars are placed behind them, just happy to be there even though they're often more watched and more acclaimed. Sometimes it's an injustice, definitely. Other times it makes total sense. The Big Bang Theory comes to mind.

In a very competitive year like the one we have here, the Globes can certainly factor. At this point, Best Picture isn't a foregone conclusion, not at all. But wait, you're not here for the races...

You're here for the dress porn. And the cutaways. And the ego stroking. And the Pitt Porn. If they show up. Hopefully. Because I'd really like to see some of that in Julia Roberts's face. We're liveblogging it all!

Then we're pulling an allnighter to recap it all for tomorrow's column. Come back and re-live it.

Thanks for joining us! The Live Blog will start at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT.  Award season, the most wonderful time of the gossip year!

Yours in gossip,