Dear Gossips,

Probably only Canadians are celebrating how majorly Canadian the Emmys were last night. Or…maybe not. Here’s what Duana wondered about last night at the end of the show:

“The Emmys biggest winners were intrinsically tied to Canadians – Jean-Marc Vallée for Big Little Lies and Margaret Atwood for The Handmaid’s Tale. And Tatiana Maslany presented one of the biggest awards of the night to Elisabeth Moss for The Handmaid’s Tale which was shot in Toronto. Are they household names in Canada though?”

Do we, in Canada, celebrate our talent…enough?

Margaret Atwood could have definitely been celebrated a lot more – both here in Canada and at the Emmys. How many times was she shouted out on stage? And they couldn’t put a camera on her until she came to them, at the end, when the series based on the book she wrote over 30 years ago was named the Outstanding Drama. She brought her purse up with her!

Here’s to the Canadian Emmys.

And here’s to all the fights we’re about to have over the Emmys. Duana, Kathleen, and I have been at it all night and Sarah’s coming in for a cameo too. As always, please tweet us and email us and yell at us – about the dresses, about the sketches, the speeches, and… Ben Affleck. We were fighting each other too, because all of us wanted to write the Shailene Woodley post for a 3am eyeroll.

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We so appreciate that you love award shows as much as we do. And we are grateful for your patience in how we cover award shows, with dedicated single posts that might take a lot longer but award show gossip and fashion deserves a full close-up, goddamn it!

On that note, thanks for visiting us, today and every day. Let’s begin!

Yours in gossip,