That’s how I’ll remember this year’s Golden Globes – the Sandra Oh Golden Globes. On so many levels. Let’s start with history because she made it, twice: first as the first Asian woman to host the Golden Globes and as the first Asian woman to win multiple Golden Globes. In these times, people will find a way to sh-t on almost anything (I know because I do lot of the sh-tting) but there will be no sh-tting on Sandra Oh. When people complain about this show, Sandra Oh co-hosting with Andy Samberg and winning for her performance in Killing Eve is not going to be on those lists. Which tells you something about Sandra Oh. As Hannah Giorgis wrote in her piece for The Atlantic, Sandra “won the night” with her “warmth, sincerity, and a willingness to recognize the many contributions made by creators of color”. 

And, also, her willingness to recognise her parents! Please note her parents’ reaction to her winning. Her dad gets up. Her ma on the other hand… well… 

LOLOLOLOLOL. You remember that Asian mother joke she made off the top of the show? That’s it right there. As IF an Asian mother would give her a standing ovation. My ma would have stayed seated too. And if you asked her why, she’d ask you back: Did she cure cancer? Did she invent new math? 

But remember this about Sandra Oh: when she was first offered Killing Eve, she didn’t think it was for the lead. She’d been conditioned for so long to expect to NOT be the lead. And now she’s made history at the Golden Globes for her lead performance. That was the emotion of the night for her – and the emotion of the night for me, and others like me, who’ve grown up watching these shows and who don’t get to see people who look like us up there hosting and winning and bowing to their parents and OH MY GOD ALL OF IT EVERYTHING.

As for how she did co-hosting with Andy Samberg – Duana put it this way: he was the straight man to her goofiness and that’s why it worked. Not all of the jokes worked but overall, the vibe, their chemistry worked. Because her goofy energy was the dominant force. Basically his job was to not get in the way of her irresistible charm. Let that be the model and the lesson. As Duana also said, Andy Samberg wasn’t there for his own close-ups and that made him look even better. 

But they couldn’t do it all. The show was sloppily produced – the sound was off, there was no one giving cues to the crowd about when the commercial breaks were over, the edited packages were unimaginative and amateur, and most of the other presenters didn’t do themselves any favours with their lazy ass prompter reads. Speaking of presenters, a lot of people are talking about Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph and their bits and whether or not they should host the Oscars now that they’re engaged: 

I actually thought the thing they did before the proposal, when they talked about supporting actors, was funnier. As for whether or not this would actually be an option? Would the Academy want to admit they stole inspiration from the Golden Globes? Also, I already came up last week with the best Oscar hosting idea ever – I’m telling you! It should be Zendaya and Tom Holland. Or Sandra Oh’s parents. 

Bringing it back to Sandra though because we haven’t talked about her dresses yet – I am obsessed with all three looks. Every single look was spectacular. Love the white dress with the faux bob on the carpet, love the red tuxedo dress (the fit was FLAWLESS) and I loooooooved the final outfit, with the gold sleeves. So much that I can’t decide which one is best.