Dear Gossips,

Show me that smile again…

Last year Uproxx published a list of the 25 Best TV Theme Songs Of All Time. That kind of list is never going to please everybody. My favourite TV theme songs have to have words. A lot of the sitcoms I grew up watching had theme songs with words. In my experience, everybody remembers those words, no matter where you are, how long it’s been. Like whenever we hear “show me that smile again” in the studio, half the crew will shout-sing back “don’t waste another minute on your crying”. And if I throw out, “now this is a story, all about how…” most of you would know what comes next, right? “My life got flipped, turned upside down.” When I tell you, “thank you for being a friend”, would you tell me, “travelled down the road and back again”?

But those songs aren’t on the Uproxx list! I do appreciate, though, that they’ve included WKRP In Cincinnati. And that the theme song for Mary Tyler Moore is #1. But my personal list, in addition to the ones I’ve mentioned above, has to include Family Ties. And Welcome Back Kotter. And The Love Boat. And Knight Rider (does that count as words?). And, OMG, Moonlighting! How do you miss Al Jarreau?! There are so many. Sh-t, how do you edit? Also, of course, The Facts Of Life.

I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of “best TV theme songs” lists today. And that The Facts Of Life won’t be left off of them.

Yours in gossip,