As mentioned yesterday, I’m working a special meal plan for the Olympics to sustain me during the all nighter Games. Click here if you missed the original post about the Harley Pasternak 5 Factor Challenge. Yesterday was Day 1. No time to work out. But I stayed away from the bacon and eggs in the commissary.

2:30am – F*CK. Forgot my yoghurt parfait in the car. Had an orange and a granola bar instead. Those evil glazed danishes kept calling and I told them we had to break up.

10:30am – Starving. Just came home from studio, am behind on blog. Edamame shrimp salad is delicious. But the “medium” size isn’t enough. Will ask them to bump me up to a “large” on lunches.

11:30am – need a snack. Strawberry oatmeal bar isn’t my favourite. Have sent them a note for feedback. They’ve promised something better tomorrow. Besides, it’s a 28 day cycle so it would be a month before that came again anyway.

2:00pm – craving something sweet. Papaya.

4:00pm – procrastinating, too distracted to write, bust open tuna salad and celery, SO good. Tuna + olives + mayo. Yes.

6:00pm – time for dinner: Thai Curry Bowl. Thanks God there’s rice. And the rice has soaked up the sauce. Broccoli and carrots are steamed and fresh. This tofu isn’t bad either coming from non Chinese people.

6:30pm – midnight: water, water, water. Dear martinis, I can see you being passed around. Please don’t ask me to dance.

12:30am – 1:30am – sleep.

And it’s another day. The energy level was good. I needed it.

Tomorrow’s menu:

Breakfast: Mixed Berry Smoothie

Lunch: Bangkok Beef Salad

Dinner: Yam coconut soup and Yam Wrap

Snack: Veg and Tzaziki

Snack: Peanut Butter Cheesecake


Harley Pasternak just came off training Lady Gaga during her tour. He also trains Kanye West and John Mayer, Sophia Bush, and Jennifer Hudson post-baby, and has worked with Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry. Click here for his site.

His new book is called The 5 Factor World Diet. Click here for more.

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