Almost there!

Yesterday was a packed schedule. Following Olympic Morning I had to shoot a zipline feature and then went straight to the Women’s Hockey Final. So I could only have my 5 Factor breakfast. Which was a breakfast yoghurt parfait. Fiona eats yoghurt and granola every morning for breakfast.

I don’t have a traditional western breakfast palette. Chinese people breakfasts can be a lot more hearty. Dimsum for instance. My favourite breakfast before the 5 Factor challenge was egg whites and bbq pork. If there’s pizza I’ll eat that too. Sluggish, right? Not sure why it’s taken me 36 years to learn this since I was born and raised in Canada but the energy I get from a parfait is revolutionary. To me anyway. Lasts a long, long time.

This is perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned so far from 5 Factor. It’s a habit change around the first meal of the day. It’s not like I’ve never read it before but some sh-t you just ignore until it lands right on top of you.

Anyway, I had the parfait at 3am yesterday and didn’t have a chance to eat after that until we ended up at the game. You know what that’s like. Chips, pretzels, several pieces of sushi, a chicken skewer, not the most well rounded meal. And that was it for the day. So of course I woke up starving today at 1:30am.

1:30am – Crab cakes (yesterday’s lunch). I had to. Because I love crab cakes so much. These weren’t the best I’ve ever had...but they’re crab cakes. Crab cakes are never bad.

3:00am – berry smoothie. Sugar rush. Needed it. Had to file my last Globe & Mail column today and shoot on Olympic Morning 4 times.

10:30am – just ate the Asian shrimp wrap. SO cute. The shrimp is fat and juicy. With fresh veg and a light sesame ginger dressing. It’s big though. I’ve only made it through half. You know my sweet tooth will kick in soon. And when it does, my snack option is “Apple and Almond Ricotta”. Yesterday there was a mushy chocolate muffin which I’ve actually had twice now and I’m growing quite fond of. It’s like cookie dough.

The 5 Factor challenge ends on Sunday. And I need it. Heavy weekend ahead.

Note: I’ve yet to work out the entire Olympics. I walk a lot. But between gym and sleep, I always choose sleep. Going back to train with Hayley on Tuesday will be f-cking brutal.

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