I barely slept yesterday. But Dylan said I was buzzing at the Vitamin Water party. It’s definitely adrenaline, but I have to believe it’s also the food. My energy sources are no longer battered and fried. It makes a difference. As does going dry. Jacek can’t believe it either. I have not had a drink in days. With this kind of schedule it’s just not possible to get smashed every night. Come Friday? Please. It’s on.

Here’s how the 5 Factor worked out yesterday.

2:30am – Breakfast smoothie: normally don’t like them because they’re milky and leave that nasty bad breath film on your tongue. This one doesn’t have that consistency. And it’s tart. I like tart. Don’t like too sweet. Strawberries, blueberries, some other fruit I can’t identify. I don’t drink coffee. Ever. And this jacked me up to kickstart the day.

9:00am – Lunch: Bangkok Beef Salad. Loved it. Love beef. Love the dressing. Love the peanuts. So good.

10:00am – keep thinking about that cheesecake. Have realised this is the time of day my sweet tooth kicks in. Am eating the cheesecake.

10:15am – the cheesecake is done. Went down well. But am still craving chocolate. There’s some Lindt on the counter. I shove 3 down my throat.

1pm – 3pm: sleep

4:00pm – snack time. Veg and tzaziki. Am now worried about my breath. Interviewing on red carpet tonight. Sh-t.

6:00pm – Dinner: Yam coconut soup and Yam Wrap. Goddamn. This soup is the f-cking best. Thick and creamy, tastes like butternut squash, my favourite. Soup is filling. Can only manage half the wrap. And the wrap is delicious. It’s the combination of yam and mushroom. Am surprised. Not only by the flavour but by the fact that it sustains me for the rest of the night.

12:30am – 2am – Sleep.

Should I mention that the, um, systems have been functioning well the last two days? It’s a bonus. No one wants to feel bloated on television.

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