I know we’re still early in the game but Jacek is amazed at my energy. And I haven’t been a crusty bitch. He, you see, is the first to suffer when I’m on an all night, no sleep assignment. We just moved, the house is a mess, and he’d been bracing for “the horns”. He says two horns come out of my head when I turn into a raging cow. The point is, so far, the horns have remained hidden. Is it the Olympic high? Or the new eating habits? Perhaps a combination of both.

I am not sluggish. Not yet. I am tired but I can manage with short naps. And, um, the regularity has me feeling more confident. No one wants to be bloated on TV. Having said that, my appetite isn’t what it was. It’s almost as though I have to remind myself to eat. And that’s not me at all. Am now worried I will lose the joy. What if I lose the joy? Must monitor this. Here’s how yesterday shook out.

2:30am – D-Licious Breakfast. LOVED. It was huge. Stuffed with eggs and mushrooms and cheese and tomatoes. I could only manage half. Part of me craved potatoes though.

8:00am – Lunch: Greek Salad & Oregano Dressing. They increased the size for me. Much better. And there were chickpeas! And artichoke hearts! I once went through a phase where I put artichoke hearts in everything. So good. But after every salad the craving for something sweet always kicks in. So I downed the snack right after. Berry ricotta muffin. Wasn’t crazy about the crumble consistency.

11:00am – noon – sleep

3:00pm – Snack: Orange, Nut, and Cheese. The chunks of swiss cheese are huge. And there are a lot of them. More cheese than orange. And almonds in between. Rather hearty. Cheese makes me happy.

4:00pm – 6:00pm – Sleep

6:00pm – Dinner: Baked cod with tomato salsa. And rice! That’s rice every other day. Very important for an Asian. Also steamed snowpeas. But again, I could only eat half. Made me sad. Where did my appetite go?

1:00am – 2:00am – Sleep

Thanks for all your messages in support of the journal, and your interest in the outcome. I’ve read all your emails and all your recommendations – especially the ones about poo! – and while I cannot reply to everyone please know I am grateful for each.

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