Yesterday was good. Three meals, a lot of energy, managed to resist the hash browns they were serving at the IBC during Olympic Morning. Was hard. Though I’m still not super hungry, the bonus is that I’m still going, now on the home stretch, just 6 days more of the balls to the wall madness...

Have received many inquiries from you asking about Licious Living availability in different cities. Right now it’s Vancouver and Toronto. And I know that sucks for those of you who are very interested but don’t live in Vancouver and Toronto. So let them know. Contact them. If they know there’s a demand, they’ll put the plan into place. But they have to hear from you first. Click here to visit the site.

As for how it went down yesterday after lunch, I decided to sleep for a couple of hours instead of snack, and then dinner was lasagna – with beef and cheese and spinach and zucchini. Nice. Sustained me on the party circuit and a beer chug-off with Jon Montgomery, arrived home at midnight for an hour nap before heading back out for Olympic Morning at 2:30am. Still haven’t spazzed out on Jacek. He’s incredulous. And he’s starting to believe it’s all diet.

On the menu tomorrow: OMG. There’s an omelette. I LOVE omelettes.

Harley Pasternak just came off training Lady Gaga during her tour. He also trains Kanye West and John Mayer, Sophia Bush, and Jennifer Hudson post-baby, and has worked with Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry. Click here for his site.

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