I needed the food yesterday. Because it was almost a full 24 hours without sleep. 3 meals and snacks carried me through. Am starting to feel it though. Like it’s getting harder and harder to get peppy. We are in the home stretch and yet, while my Olympic work ends Monday, I leave for the Oscars on Wednesday. March 10th then is the end goal. Two more weeks of full throttle work before things slow down.


2:30am – Breakfast: 5 Factor Omelette. Goat cheese + herbs + tomatoes. And fruit. SO GOOD.

10:00am – Lunch: Cobb Salad with Tuna. I’m normally all over cob salads. But there wasn’t enough dressing here which made the tuna too dry.

11:00am – Snack: Blueberry Crisp with Cottage Cheese. They said this was supposed to be for evening. But I have a sweet craving always after lunch. I miss chocolate. And gummy bears.

8:00pm – Dinner: Chicken Fajitas. Impressed. Jacek had a bite and wanted more. I let him finish my final half. They are well sized portions.

11:00pm – Snack: deviled eggs. I could eat deviled eggs all day.

2:00am – Olympic Morning

Tomorrow I’m going ziplining with Gino Reda. It’s an extraordinarily long day, more so than usual.

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