There wasn’t much sleep happening this weekend. I was able to crash for 4 hours on Friday afternoon and then slept a total of 5 hours from Friday at 7pm to Sunday night. Between covering the parties, working on Olympic morning, and filing for The Globe & Mail, there simply wasn’t time. As such, the eating schedule was completely f-cked. The most consistent meal was breakfast. Really enjoy the 5 Factor yoghurt parfait and the smoothies (citrus this time), but my least favourite is the oatmeal. It comes with raisins and almond shavings and some milk and you’re probably supposed to heat it up but I hate wasting 5 minutes in the morning when I’m rushing out my blog so I just ate half of it cold to keep my energy up.

The afternoons went by so quickly every day that most of the time lunch was skipped. Except for the delicious smoked salmon wrap. It was HUGE. SO good. I ate half so quickly I couldn’t manage any more. Dinner time was more successful. Friday night at dinner out with the Glee cast, I had the beet salad and the sablefish (excellent) at Market. Saturday night at Joe Fortes, after skipping lunch, I ordered sablefish again after picking at the crab cakes and fois gras. But I’m never hungry like I used to be. My food joy is still missing. Jacek says it’s because I’ve had no time to work out. Will try to work out tomorrow.

As for today, it’s been a very good start.

2:30am – C Booster Smoothie: their smoothies are GOOD. It’s the worst going on the air with gross milk mouth. Not the case here. I love them.

9:00am – Mediterranean Shrimp and Chickpea Salad: YES. The dressing is amazing.

10am – it’s sweet time. Strawberry Protein Power Yogurt. Hit the spot...but not terribly exciting. Not like chocolate. I think about chocolate every day at 10am. Weird.

Dinner is supposed to be Beef Lasagna with side salad. More on that tomorrow.

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