This is a really good piece by Marin Cogan on the Show Your Work of 50 Cent, the “most versatile man in entertainment”. I know, right? I’ve never thought of 50 that way, but points have been made! And now I’ll be paying closer attention to his career moves and strategy. (Vox)


Laverne Cox is obviously always going to bring it. But her Emmys dress this year was even more badass than usual. It’s the material – kinda like garbage bag? But in a good way. And the bustline is giving Disney villain, Maleficent; invoking Angelina Jolie is always a win! (Go Fug Yourself)

Ahead of the Emmys, the Hollywood Reporter posted a video of the seating chart and someone can be heard in the background, either an event organiser or a wrangler or a media member talking sh-t about someone, calling them a bad actress and saying she’s so monotone. People are guessing two of the names shown in the seats but based on that description, my guess would be Sydney Sweeney, I said what I said! (OMG! Blog)


Queen Elizabeth II has left this mortal place for almost a year and a half now, right? And we are still talking about who was or wasn’t there on the day she passed because whyyyy??? (Celebitchy)

Kathleen and I went to see Mean Girls this weekend and it was fine. I embarrassed her by bursting out laughing every time someone burst into song because it happens at the strangest times, at least on two occasions. And I went in there knowing it was a musical, unlike some people on TikTok, lol. I also don’t hate musicals like Sarah, and even I found it weird. Anyway, here’s an article that will tell you what Mean Girls character you are based on your western zodiac and I did not expect to be Ms Heron, wtf? (Teen Vogue)