50 Cent’s dick has been vindicated. 50 and his dick did not appreciate the suggestion that it has been surgically enhanced and to prove that his dick is all natural, he sued the people he alleges to have allegedly perpetuated this rumour. The lawsuit has now been settled. Can you imagine the amount of paperwork that’s been filed though, and all of it related to 50’s bone? (Dlisted) 


The answer to the question “what should Nicolas Cage wear to the premiere of Renfield” is what Nicolas Cage wore to the premiere of Renfield. A wonderful example of when a star meets the right pair of pants. If these pants were sentient, they would have wished upon this moment at birth – because that is the life purpose of these pants: to have been worn by Nicolas Cage. It’s a story with a happy ending. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Colin Farrell is reportedly single now and there’s a suggestion here that he could be great with Angelina Jolie. I mean it would be great for gossip. And they already have a connection from working together years ago but maybe Barry Keoghan, who’s a more recent Angelina colleague (Eternals), can reconnect that connection? (Cele|bitchy)

I really enjoyed this headline – and then the story actually lived up to it. “Woman uses Grindr to search for puss”. (OMG Blog) 

Great piece by Jake Kring-Schreifels on how John Wick “pays homage to the kung fu masters and stuntmen who came before it” (The Ringer)