Dear Gossips,

Last night in Vancouver, a group of mothers slept outside on the cold pavement in support of at-risk and homeless youth. Fifty moms participated in The Sleep Out: Mothers Edition to send a message to “young people that they are worthy of unconditional love and absolute respect, and proving that we care enough about them to be uncomfortable for one night; to be vulnerable so they can be safe”.

Many of the youth who visit Covenant House are running from abuse and neglect, denied the fundamental right to be raised by people who care about them. Once they hit the streets, it’s a whole new set of problems, exacerbating their mental health struggles, often leading to addiction. Over time, they feel unworthy of accepting kindness. Over the last few weeks, I have observed how addiction, in particular, can change a person’s soul, how it can, often in combination with mental illness, break down relationships. Mental health and addiction are a burden, not just on those who are sick but also on those around them. Many of you have reached out to me recently to share your personal stories. Some of you are struggling yourselves, some of you are struggling because it’s your daughters, your sisters, your husbands. So my point is that mental health awareness is not just for people with mental illness but also for those who love someone who has the disease. It’s hard on you too. It’s hard on us too. I share these thoughts in the hopes of encouraging all of us to be able to speak more openly about the issue. Because not talking about it is helping no one.


But… it’s Friday. And it has been a heavy week. My go-to whenever it feels heavy? That would be Mimi, my constant, feeling herself in a white dress out for dinner last night. And her Instagram post that I’ve been saving specifically for today to celebrate the birth of Dembabies four years ago. But, really, to celebrate HER. Because what else would “the applause” be for?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,