I worked 3 junkets for etalk this weekend in LA - Paranorman, Sparkle, and The Odd Life Of Timothy Green.  It was supposed to be 4 but I couldn’t get to LA in time for The Expendables 2 screening. To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed about that. I mean, if you have to interview celebrities, you may as well interview the ones that really, really, REALLY want you to love them. Look at Jean Claude Van Damme here in Madrid at the photo call today. You see what I mean, right? I’m fond of how he’s standing here in his skinny pants with his shoulders thrown back. JCVD is in great shape. But as illustrated here, even men have to deal with the Face or Body dilemma as they age.

Also I wanted to see for myself if Dolph Lundgren really is a genius (Ivan Drago has, like, several university degrees, did you know that) and if Jason Statham is as far up his own ass as I think he might be.