With cameos by Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow!

Here’s the next in our series of Oscar memories. The first was Reese Witherspoon last week - click here if you missed it. Now...it’s time for the incomparable Cate Blanchett. Sit back and enjoy. She’s flawless.

One of my all-time favourite Oscar dresses, if not the best EVER. It was Galliano for Dior. It was the year Gwyneth went to the prom in pink. It was for Elizabeth. And it was UNFORGETTABLE.

Sexy without being skanky. Only Cate Blanchett can do cut-outs with such elegance. And a gold bangle on her upper arm. Oh look! Angelina and Gwyneth hugging! No, no, not each other. Cate, of course.

She won in Valentino. Yellow and regal and on anyone else, I don’t think it works. But then again, she is no one else. This is the point.

Armani Prive. I don’t love Mr Armani’s most recent creations. But the combination of Armani and Blanchett has overall been a major success.

Perhaps the best pregnant red carpet appearance...ever. By Dries Van Noten. God she is amazing, isn’t she?

Last year’s Givenchy was not a MiniVan Majority favourite. Obviously. But it ended up on top of our wrap-up the following day. SO original, so superior in every way to the same sames that get trotted out all the time by the lesser lessers. No one has ever come close.