The best thing is about to happen to you today. You are about to read, if you haven’t already, an article written by Karl Lagerfeld about Karl Lagerfeld, A Day In The Life.


Lagerfeld honoured Harper’s Bazaar - and all of us - this month by not only sharing his daily schedule but also explaining it. With Karl, as you know, it’s always the explanation that makes it great. Like why he sleeps in a full length white shirt every night with matching sheets that have to, all of it, be laundered every single day.

I don’t want to spoil it. You should devour it, savour it for yourself.

You will note though that I’ve attached a shot taken by Karl himself of what appears to be his cluttered sink which... doesn’t correspond to anything that he’s described about his life. Check out also the shot of all those magazines tossed around his couch.

Good God. Is Karl Lagerfeld a hoarder???

Click here for the full piece with pictures. Umm...the CAT.