Had the most amazing time at the Rouge Valley gala on Friday night. My virginal hosting experience was made that much more enjoyable thanks to the wonderful people who worked so hard to pull off such an inspired event. Big hug to Maureen D, event planner extraordinaire, and to all the likeminded smutters I had the pleasure of meeting that evening. Apparently you hospital people like your gossip served as hard and as dirty as it comes. No wonder I love you all. Oh, and I thought you might enjoy this. Almost had a wardrobe malfunction of my own when I discovered the girls shrank overnight and couldn’t fill my frock. Endless gratitude goes to Jessa at eTalk who saved the day with a more fitting option and styled me in The.Most.Fabulous dress from Laundry by Shelli Segal. Check out the site, take a look at the Spring 2006 Collection, and it’s the black “shirred dress with braid”, quite possibly the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.