Shameless self promotion, click away if you can’t handle.

So I keep saying I should study but also keep getting distracted! Which is why I’ll probably get my assed kicked on Test the Nation this coming Sunday, January 20th on CBC!

I’ll be part of the Blogger Team, taking on the Cab Drivers, Chefs, Flight Crew, Backpackers and Celebrity Look-alikes.

Right now, the Bloggers are the favourites going in to Sunday’s competition. Obviously because we sit at home on the computer all day and have no lives. It’s a lot of pressure. My teammate Andy Nulman has been trashtalking up a storm, already claiming certain victory and putting his money where his mouth is, offering up $500 to anyone who can beat the Blog.

Am so excited! Love quiz shows! Am so nervous! Hate tests!

Play along with me on Sunday at 8pm on CBC! Click here to find out how Click here to find out how.

Here’s Marcus winking at me and wishing me luck while modelling my new favourite hat. I bought it the other day because it reminded me of him. When I came home, he tried to eat it.