We found out recently that Channing Tatum and Jessie J are no longer together. A friend of mine who’s on Raya texted me yesterday to tell me that Channing’s on there. This is now public. And as profiles go, he’s pretty honest in his. Would it have been too on-the-nose for his profile song to be “Pony”? I wonder how many people are trying to match with him. What does it take to match with Channing Tatum? I’m still trying to match him with Jennifer Aniston. (Dlisted)

Remember when Sonic first came out and people were horrified? The filmmaker heard the backlash and made some fixes – a lot of fixes. He doesn’t look like a demon anymore. But is he cute? How cute? Because the 2019 standard for cute is now Baby Yoda. And now there’s a cute-off between Sonic and Baby Yoda. I’m giving it to Baby Yoda. (Pajiba)

What would red carpets have been in 2019 if not for Billy Porter? We’ll remember his Met Gala entrance forever. My favourite Billy Porter look from this year, however, was his black velvet tuxedo gown at the Oscars. It was PERFECT. (Go Fug Yourself)

Is giving a puppy at Christmas a good idea or a bad idea? I didn’t know this but for the Kardashians, it might be a bad idea? Apparently their pets get written off the show very quickly. I can’t imagine why. Pets are great at following script, non? This puppy is so f-cking cute, maybe she’ll make it a whole season. (Cele|bitchy)

It’s the end of a decade, which means it’s the end of a decade of Buzzfeed quizzes. Pick a movie and they’ll tell you who you’ll marry. Decorate a bedroom and they’ll tell you which Disney star you’re most compatible with. Design a menu and they’ll tell you if you’re an introvert. Here’s a collection of their “best” food quizzes from the last ten years. I did the “make a salad” and we’ll tell you how many kids you’ll have and amazingly they got it right. (Buzzfeed)