A couple of weeks ago, we all got together for our annual LaineyGossip team dinner. Missed you Hayley, Maria, and Sarah. As we sat down to dinner, we toasted Sasha, whose birthday was earlier in the week. And then Sasha sassed us for forgetting her birthday – which is something she’s talked about on the Sasha Answers podcast, that her birthday is right after Christmas and New Year’s, when everyone’s all holidayed up the ass, and she gets overlooked. Cue Kathleen…

Who is a self-confessed birthday whore. Who announced loudly to the table that she always takes her birthday into her own hands and walks up and down the hall reminding you that it’s her birthday for weeks before her birthday. And on the day of her birthday. She just texted me wondering where her shout-out was. And then there’s this:

Kathleen’s birthday party is tomorrow. We have all received the emails. We’ve been hearing about it since it became 2017.

Today is Kathleen’s birthday. She has earned her birthday. For her birthday, Kathleen would like you to have a #HiddenFiguresParty. Go see Hidden Figures. Also please help her figure out what happened to Brian Littrell’s hair.