Groom #1 was recently married, publicly devoted, demons supposedly tucked away, and yet was seen driving his unmistakeable vehicle into a hotel parking lot the other day. A hotel parking lot in his home town, where his home is just a few minutes away, and his wife was occupied in another state. There was no business meeting scheduled, there was no professional reason to be there - and yet and yet. Whoever could he have been up to? Then there"s the friend, Groom #2, also recently wed, also known for hard core hittin", the two shared one memorable evening just one year ago, even after #1 was claimed off the market. It was an evening involving multiple young ladies, a pool, naked swimming, a Hummer, and a long night of down home loving. Two seasoned horndogs feeding off each other and off Jim Beam, living the debaucherous life - it was a night to remember and perhaps the reason why #2"s new wife curtailed their celebrations, wary of what might happen should her husband be tempted by the high times of the past. Can these two grooms be tamed? The second perhaps. But the first? No one thinks no. No one at all.