On Friday afternoon, Jennifer Aniston shocked the paps by showing up at The Ivy, supposedly for a business meeting. Apparently she entered but then left immediately, disturbed by the intense pressure from photographers and fans.

No sh-t, nipply!!!

Like seriously…

What the F-CK, Huvane?!?!? Are you out of your mind? Are they not taking your calls anymore?

Is that why we’re begging now? Has it come to this? Jennifer Aniston and Phoebe Price? Jennifer Aniston and Ebola Hilton? Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian?


Deserving or not, Jennifer Aniston is one of the top stars in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need to take a meeting at The Ivy. Jennifer Aniston can call a meeting anywhere she wants. But Jennifer Aniston lowered herself onto Robertson Blvd, with her tits freshly tweaked, for the sake of a desperation photo opp to disprove pregnancy rumours…to the point where upon her departure, the paps were actually laughing at her.

They laughed. Those who were there and those who heard about it later. They laughed. They laughed at how pathetic she’s become.

And to tell you the truth, not even I can take pleasure in this. To witness such complete and total capitulation, the celebrity equivalent of crawling on the floor naked, hands held up in defeated submission…

This is Jennifer Aniston.


Click here for the video.