Not the herpes part, but the smuttiness of it. Obviously.

So there's a story on TMZ about a major A list celebrity who is worth "in excess of $100 million" who hooked up with someone in Vegas and passed on some herpes. Jesus. That'll teach you not to be a star f-cker. Apparently the famous person made all kinds of assurances that he was clean. His one night stand found out the hard way that he wasn't. So now there's a lawsuit. A $20 million legal situation that currently remains anonymous.


A list is one thing. But in excess of $100 million? That narrows it down for sure. Trust me, a lot of them may LOOK like they're living large, and they are compared to civilians like us, but in relation to the really, really wealthy? Please. They hustle for a reason.

So who's your guess?

I know only one name came to mind when I read the report. And then this morning, Page Six published an exclusive about Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli breaking up. I mean, not that the two items are related. No lawyers, that's not what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that that would be my guess, and then coincidentally, a publication printed a story about him splitting with his gf. Coincidences happen all the time in Hollywood. No conspiracies. Just coincidences.

You know if there's an upgrade for Jessica Biel from Justin Timberlake, it would be Leonardo DiCaprio.

Come to think of it, Pipsqueak probably has in excess of $100 million too.

This is a fun game. Email me who you think it is.

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