Been saying it for months and now that they’re finally expecting, love them even more. Seriously the cutest ever.

As I mentioned the other day, JLo’s hair man is telling all that she is. Click her for a refresher. Oribe would know, you know? 

But just a quick, quick cynical smutty word before gushing, shall we? Not that it’s particularly fun to scandalise good news but still… I smell Tom Cruise and I smell the Church and others are buzzing that Xenu’s shadow is looming. Thought you might want to know? 

After trying unsuccessfully for so long, did they finally deal with the devil? Did they pledge 30% of earnings in perpetuity and future terms to be discussed in exchange for the magic that made Little Sci? 

Before you snort or scoff in disbelief, consider the following: the couple’s increasing closeness with the Cruises notwithstanding, there is also her father who has apparently been a devout Scientologist for over a decade. Slamdunk sources have told me Jennifer’s house is supposedly stocked with Scientological literature and that she has read most of them, highlighting key passages and rapaciously rereading them over and over. 

And then that curious comment last week from her mother, with whom she was said to be super tight. When asked about the rumour that Jennifer was carrying twins, Guadalupe said, 

"I didn't hear about it. Everyone else knows more than I do. I don't talk to her very often. I don"t see her often either."

It’s a sharp departure from last year when La Lopez brought many of her family members to Toronto for the TIFF premiere of El Cantante. We saw them afterwards at the after party in the Distillery – all of them were dancing, all of them were close, all of them celebrated together…it was a feel good kind of thing. 

And now Guadalupe doesn’t talk often to her daughter? 

My smutty sense is tingling. Just sayin’… 

But enough of the chills. Enough sinister speculation.

Here are Jen and Marc kicking off their tour in the Bronx yesterday. She is pregnant and she is delighted and she is showing it in the face – both the glow and a little bit of fullness on the corners… it’s irresistibly fetching.

And they are adorable together. I love them together. Their love is strong. Their love has conquered the Ugly! Call me Cruise but their love for me has almost made him sexy. Is that wrong? 

Now before you answer, watch this video first. Thanks to Katharine for sending it in. Click for clip here and then try to tell me you didn’t get the warm and fuzzies.

Admit it… you wouldn’t do him but you can totally see why she is, right? 


Jason Kempin/ FilmMagic