This is what I meant when I wrote in the previous article that Scarlett Johansson needs to get with Colin Farrell. Because look at him. He has never been hotter. And so the fact that he’s single, or the fact that he’s not dating anyone famous...well... it’s a waste of Good Gossip.

Imagine Scarjo giving Colin Farrell a cock-rub with her foot.


Infinitely more interesting than Scarjo and gross Sean Penn, right?

But even if it can’t be Scarjo, I mean I’ll take Colin and Zoe Saldana, Colin and Noomi Rapace, Colin and Michelle Williams...

Colin and Michelle Williams...

I just shuddered from pleasure at the prospect and the possibility of that Gossip Wish.

Genie up that one please. Moving it to the top 5.

God, I might have to scramble up my List again to make room him after these shots. How is this not sexier than Bradley Cooper???