Andrew Garfield showed up in costume at Comic-Con – click here if you missed Sarah’s recap earlier today—and then flew straight to the South of France to see his girlfriend Emma Stone where she’s working on Woody Allen’s new movie with Colin Firth.

Yesterday all three of them attending the Woody Allen concert in Antibes. As you can see, Colin has really trimmed down. It’s the leanest we’ve seen him in a while. Look at him. If you take his head off, that could be Andrew’s body. And he’s kinda wearing his hair differently too. Shorter, boyish-er. A little Hugh Granty, from back in the day. You like it?

So what’s this film about? There’s been no confirmed title yet and the story is being kept secret but, ahem, you know, if it’s Woody Allen, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that the much older man would find love with the younger woman …which… is Emma Stone his new Scarlett Johansson?