Daniel Craig arrived in Paris yesterday for the French premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which took place today. I’ll post those photos with my review of the film tomorrow. Daniel’s wife, Rachel Weisz, joined him on the trip. As you can see, HOLY F-CK OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING, Daniel actually has a small smile for the paps shooting him at the airport. But why??? His privacy is being invaded! The people behind the camera are dickheads!

Might it have something to do with the perception that Dragon Tattoo Girl, though a steady earner, didn’t post #1 rankings at the box office? What was supposed to be a massive year of Cowboys, Aliens, and Swedish mysteries for Daniel Craig ended up falling a little...flat. (See Dream House too.) I wonder then if a little attitude adjustment wasn’t encouraged. Oh but don’t we all have to bend over a little and pimp ourselves, Daniel. Don’t we all.